New NSBA: Charting the Course for the Future of the National School Boards Association NSBA Board of Directors Charts the Course for a "New NSBA"

In December 2012,  NSBA's Board of Directors adopted
a report that provides strategic direction to the organization
on how to become a "new NSBA" – to be a more visible,
influential, and effective leader in public education. The report
sets the direction for a stronger advocacy role and even more
powerful service to, and partnership with, NSBA's state
association members in light of mounting challenges facing
local governance and public education.

"New NSBA" Planning Committee Members, 2012-2013

C. Ed Massey, Chair, NSBA President (Ky.)
David Pickler, NSBA President-elect (Tenn.)
Anne Byrne, NSBA Secretary-Treasurer (N.Y.)
Miranda Beard, NSBA Director, Southern Region (Miss.)
Kevin Carbó, NSBA Director, Southern Region (Texas)
Paul Chatman, NSBA Director, Pacific Region (Calif.)
Kevin Ciak, NSBA Director, Northeast Region (N.J.)
Minnie Forte-Brown, NSBA Director, Southern Region (N.C.)
Anne Golden, NSBA Director, Pacific Region (Wash.)
Guillermo López, NSBA Director, Central Region (Mich.)
Kristin Malin, NSBA Director, Northeast Region (Maine)
Scott Mueller, NSBA Director, Northeast Region (R.I.)
Earl Rickman, NSBA Past President (Mich.)
Barb Riley, NSBA Director, Western Region (Mont.)
Tim Sivertson, NSBA Director, Central Region (Wis.)
Rick Lewis, Executive Director, Ohio School Boards Association
Lance Melton, Executive Director, Montana School Boards Association


Additional Resources

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View "The New NSBA: Charting the Future Course of the National School Boards Association" brochure discussing how NSBA is developing a stronger advocacy role and even more powerful service to, and partnership with, its state association members.

New NSBA Planning Report
Access "The New NSBA Planning Report" approved by NSBA’s Board of Directors on Dec. 8, 2012.

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