Make An Impact

Through your collective voice in the FRN, America’s public school children have a powerful advocate.

FRN members work throughout the year—calling, faxing, writing, and visitingto develop strong relationships with federal legislators. FRN members influence the outcome of national debate due to their extraordinary understanding of how to make federal policy work in the local setting.

As a school board member, you are unique among education advocates in that you are an elected official who also serves constituents. You stand on the front lines of education and are able to tell your members of Congress what will, or will not, work in local districts. Many senators and representatives come to rely on local FRN members to advise them on the vast array of issues that affect public schoolchildren. Working in tandem with NSBA’s lobbyists, you provide a highly effective one-two punch aimed at ensuring that federal programs work well for our public schools.

For additional information, contact Kathleen Branch, Director, National Advocacy Services, at 703-838-6735, or e-mail

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