NSBA Call to Action:  Reauthorize ESEA Now!


Although the House and Senate have made progress with the passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) bills by each of the respective congressional education committees, the legislative process appears to have stalled.   Our local schools should not have to wait any longer – there is too much at stake for America’s schoolchildren.

To find out why you need to participate, view this ESEA Now! video.

What Must School Board Members Do?

School board members must communicate to their members of Congress:  The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (also known as No Child Left Behind) must be reauthorized now.  America’s schoolchildren, our economy and America’s future cannot wait.  Please urge Congress to schedule a floor vote in both the House and Senate on the ESEA reauthorization bills that passed their respective education committees. 

Reauthorize ESEA Now! – Recommended Activities

1. Write a letter to your member of Congress and recruit at least two other school board member to do the same.

2. Get your school board to pass this resolution immediately and send a copy to your U.S. Representatives and Senators.  Please also send a copy to Kathleen Branch, Director of National Advocacy Services, at or mail in c/o NSBA, 1680 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA,  22314. Your resolution will be added to the list of resolutions we've received to date.

3.  Send a letter to the editor to your local paper detailing the urgency for ESEA reauthorization. You can use our sample letter to the editor as a guide.

4. Watch this video and hear from NSBA Advocacy Staff as to why your help is needed now.  Consider showing it at your school board meeting to garner your board’s support.

5.  Encourage local school board members to call Congress urging the Reauthorization of ESEA Now – America’s schoolchildren cannot wait.  Instructions are available here.

Recent Press

The Urbana Citizen published this article on April 25, 2012.

The Washington Post ran this piece on the coaltion letter NSBA sent to Capitol Hill.

Read the NSBA Press Release encouraging members to contact their representatives on Capitol Hill.

NSBA hosted this Press Call to promote the ESEA Now! Campaign.

Education Daily published this article quoting NSBA's Assistant Executive Director Reggie Felton and Local School Board Members Jackie Magnuson and John Pennycuff.

NSBA thanks you for your participation in this campaign to reauthorize ESEA Now!

If you have any questions or feedback to share, please contact Kathleen Branch, Director of National Advocacy Services at or 703.838.6735.


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How do I respond to the ESEA Now! Call to Action?

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