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NSBA's Letter to Secretary Duncan re. Regulatory Relief Under NCLB
July 19, 2011 - NSBA expresses appreciation to Secretary Duncan and the Department of Education for their willingness to grant regulatory relief from requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act

A Blueprint for Reform: ESEA Reauthorization
April 1, 2010 - Read NSBA's quick reference summary for local school board members.

Federal Funding

NSBA Recommendations for the Race to the Top District (RTT-D) Competition
June 8, 2012 - NSBA feels the RTT-D grant criteria must reflect the primacy of LEAs and consortia in applying for and implementing reforms. NSBA recommendations for the RTT-D competition are within

NSBA's Letter to Secretary Duncan
November 19, 2010 - Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Program

NSBA's Comments on Proposed Priorities for Discretionary Grant Programs
September 7, 2010 - NSBA submitted comments in response to the Secretary of Education's Notice of Proposed Priorities for Discretionary Grant Programs.

Teacher and Principal Effectiveness

Transforming the Teaching Profession: NSBA Helps Build Shared Vision
May 23, 2012 - Building on collective efforts and attendance at the U.S. Department of Education’s 2012 Labor Management Conference, NSBA joined Secretary Duncan and six other national education leaders in continuing the conference’s theme of transforming the teaching profession by releasing a shared vision document that paved the way toward achieving that. Titled, Transforming the Teaching Profession, the document outlines steps that states, school districts, and the federal government must take to recruit, prepare, and support teachers through their careers.

NSBA Comments on Teacher Incentive Fund Program
March 29, 2010 - NSBA submits comments to the U.S. Department of Education.

Under Early Childhood Education

NSBA's Letter to Secretary Duncan
March 16, 2012 - Early Learning Stakeholder Meeting on Race to the Top in FY12

NSBA Comments on Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) program
Key revisions to RTT-ELC program

NSBA's Comments on the Department of Health and Human Services’ Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Establishing a Head Start Designation Renewal System
December 21, 2010 - NSBA offers comments on the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for establishing a Head Start and Early Head Start designation renewal system.

Department of Education's Early Education Blueprint
May 2010 - A proposal for early learning in the ESEA reauthorization, based on the Department's Blueprint, includes NSBA's primary recommendation for Pre-K.

NSBA's Letter to Secretary Duncan and Secretary Sebelius
April 23, 2010 - Understanding Preschool–Grade 3 Structures

NSBA Recommendations to Secretary Duncan: January 25, 2010
Re: Early Learning and Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education


NSBA files comments with FCC on Telephone Consumer Protection
May 21, 2010 - NSBA filed comments with the FCC requesting clarification on requirements regarding communications to wireless devices.

Coalition Letter to President Obama: January 11, 2010
NSBA co-signed a letter to President Obama calling for a strategic investment in innovation by increasing funding for the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) program.

School-based Medicaid reimbursement

NSBA's Comments on Proposed Rule CMS-6028-P
November 16, 2010 - Comments in response to the proposed rules implementing certain provisions of the 2010 Affordable Care Act.


Letter to Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
June 28, 2011 - NSBA calls for DC vouchers to be properly administered

Special Education

Child Nutrition

NSBA's Comments to Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (4-4-11)
Read NSBA's comments on child nutrition reauthorization. Other key provisions of the child nutrition reauthorization are described in NSBA’s Issue Brief below.

Implementation Plan: Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
The U.S. Department of Education Implementation timeline for new school meal standards, new standards for competitive foods, paid meal price requirements, indirect costs, and other provisions of the bill

NSBA's Statement to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture
Read NSBA's statement on the financial impact of provisions included in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act

Economic Stimulus Resource Center

Race to the Top

NSBA Comments on Assessment Technology Standards for the Race to the Top Assessment (RTTA) Program
January 18, 2011 - NSBA's response to the Department of Education’s Request for Information on Assessment Technology Standards for the Race to the Top Assessment (RTTA) program and other potential uses

Investing in Innovation

NSBA Submits Comments on Investing in Innovation Fund
NSBA developed comments in response to the Department of Education's October 9, 2009 Federal Register Notice of Proposed Priorities, Requirements, Definitions, and Selection Criteria

School Bond Resources

ED Press Release: Treasury and Education Announce 2010 School Bond Allocation

Qualified Zone Academy Bond Allocations for 2010

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