NSBA Grassroots Lobbying Guide 2012

Welcome to NSBA’s Grassroots Lobbying Guide for Local School Board Members.  Please use this guide to assist you as you lobby your federal legislators while they are home during the August Congressional recess, beginning Monday, August 6 and ending on September 10. 

View this video to hear why it learn why it is a critical time to be involved in grassroots advocacy. Listen to this webinar to learn more about the issues facing your local school district. Act Now and write to your members of Congress.

School board members cannot sit silently as Congress chooses not to address issues that are so important to public education which include – reauthorizing (replacing) the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) a.k.a. No Child Left Behind – and providing adequate federal funding support to mandated programs such as Title I and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  The following guide provides talking points, background information and an opportunity for you to illustrate to your members of Congress the need for Congress to Act Now.  Thank you for your advocacy outreach and efforts.


Letter from NSBA President & Executive Director 

How to Use Your Grassroots Lobbying Guide  

Part One: Issues--Background & Talking Points


FY2013 Funding  

ESEA Reauthorization 

Part Two: Other Issues in Congress


Charter Schools 

Part Three: Sample Letters to Your Members of Congress

Sequestration Sample Letter 

FY2013 Funding Sample Letter 

ESEA Sample Letter 

Part Four: Tips for August Recess Meetings 

Part Five: Start Small: Use Social Media

Part Six: Create a Larger Impact: Involve Media

A complete pdf file of the Lobbying Guide is available here .

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