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Your advocacy is critical because there is a vital need to deliver our message: The education of our children must become a top priority of our nation's policymakers. In this time of shrinking budgets and increasing mandates, our leaders in Congress must understand that education is too important an investment to let slide.

You, a school board member, can have an impact! Members of Congress listen to their constituents back home, particularly those who have knowledge in the area they are advocating. Below, you will find a few useful tools for effective communication with your members of Congress. Please visit our legislative issues section for background information on NSBA's key issues. 

To write to your members of Congress, you may use NSBA's Legislative Action Center!


Additional Resources

How to Make Your Voice Heard on Capitol Hill Year Round
Cultivate relationships with members of Congress and their staff for more effective results throughout the year. How to be the most effective national advocate!

Guide for Effective Meetings with Members of Congress
How to prepare for a meeting with a member of Congress and steps to take to make your voice heard!

How a Bill Becomes a Law
An outline of the path that legislation follows to become a law.

How a Bill Becomes a Law - Chart
A chart of the process for your reference

U.S. Senate: 2013 Calendar
Check to see when the Senate is in recess to schedule meetings with your senators in your state.

U.S. House of Representatives: 2013 Calendar
Check to see when the House is in recess to schedule meetings with your representative in your district.

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