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The issue of bullying is a tough but important topic for school officials to address. This list of resources show the latest research on bullying and practical tips to prevent and deal with incidents in schools.


Additional Resources

Video: VSBA - Bullying Prevention Month
January has been designated by the Virginia School Boards Association as Bullying Prevention Month.

"Stop Bullying Now," American School Board Journal, December 2010
Shortly after a rash of incidents and the start of the 2010-11 academic year, public schools are pressured to address the bullying of gay students.

"Making Your Schools More 'Welcoming,'" School Boards News Today
The Berkeley, Calif., school board spoke about their school climate initiative at NSBA's 2011 Annual Conference.

"Bullying You Hear About is Just Tip of Iceberg, Advocate Says," School Boards News Today
The incidents of bullying that school officials hear about are just the beginning of a much larger and more serious problem in their schools, a community group leader told NSBA’s Council of Urban Boards of Education at the NSBA 2011 Annual Conference.

NSBA's President on Comcast Newsmakers Discussing School Climate and Bullying
Mary Broderick, 2011-2012 President of NSBA, appeared on Comcast Newsmakers in August 2011 to discuss school climate, bullying, and cyberbullying and unveiled "Students on Board: A Conversation Between School Board Members and Students."

"Bullying: From Words to Action," American School Board Journal, September 2009
The prevailing wisdom was that childhood bullying was normal, that kids had to work it out themselves, and that adults should stay out of it. That was B.C. – "Before Columbine." A lot changed in the next decade.

"Bullying: From Words to Action" NSBA Webinar Audio File
In September 2009, the editors of NSBA’s American School Board Journal and the American School Counselor Association held a joint webinar on "Bullying: A Decade After Columbine, What Has Changed?" The webinar was sponsored by SolutionTree and is 63 minutes. (32mhz, mp3, 15MB)

"Bullying: From Words to Action," NSBA Webinar PowerPoint
NSBA Webinar PowerPoint (Low resolution PDF 3MB)

"No Rite of Passage: Coming to Grips with Harassment and Bullying," NSBA Leadership Insider, August 2006
This issue of NSBA’s Leadership Insider includes articles on legal liability for harassment, bullying, and cyberbullying; as well as finding common ground on divisive issues like how to deal with harassment based on sexual orientation.

Bullying and Harassment in Schools: An Educational DVD, Texas Association of School Boards
A complete training package of DVD and materials for school district employees and administrators was produced by the Texas Association of School Boards' Legal Services to equip school personnel to recognize, report, and respond to a wide range of student and employee harassment issues. This resource is not specific to Texas law.

Bullying Resources from NSBA's School Health Programs
This list of bullying resources from NSBA's School Health department includes information from many national and state resources.

Video: Pearson's It Gets Better
Pearson Foundation sponsors NSBA's Students on Board and is addressing school climate through their The Million Voices Project. See Pearson corporate "It Gets Better" video addressing LGBT bullying issues.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website on bullying prevention and resources.

Harassment, Bullying and Free Expression: Guidelines for Free and Safe Public Schools
May 2012 - According to these guidelines, students should be able to attend public schools where they are free to share their views and engage in discussions about religious and political differences while simultaneously attending safe schools that prohibit discrimination, bullying, and harassment. These guidelines were organized by the American Jewish Committee and the Religious Freedom Education Project and endorsed by NSBA as part of a coalition of 17 organizations.

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