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The widespread use of the internet and social networking sites has led to a new quandary for schools: how to handle cyberbullying incidents that may or may not happen on school grounds but have a significant impact on students. These resources help school officials understand the unique issues of cyberbullying and what they can do to prevent it or address it. 


Additional Resources

"The Cyber Jungle," American School Board Journal, April 2009
Online bullying is the edgy way to goad a classmate and sometimes even school employees. Do you have policies in place to make sure you can deal with these problems in your district?

Catching Up with High-Tech Kids
Many adults have little knowledge of what kids are really doing with technology. This article shows how one school district, a member of NSBA’s Technology Leadership Network, is tackling the problem.

“NYSSBA Lawyers Help Navigate ‘Landmines of Technology,’” School Board News Today
New York State School Boards Association staffers Jay Worona and Linda Bakst examined the legal and policy implications of technology such as social networking, instant messaging, pictures and video sites at the 2011 NSBA Annual Conference.

National Affiliate Webinar - Cyberbullying Part 1: Is Your District Prepared to Respond?
This webinar introduced participants to the unique impact of cyberbullying and the strategies needed to respond effectively.

National Affiliate Webinar - Cyberbullying Part 2: Is Your District Prepared to Respond? The Legal and Policy Perspective
This event explained the use of state bullying and liability laws, law enforcement, and other legal issues to create a school district's plan or policy on cyberbullying.

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