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Discover tools, publications, activities and resources to strengthen school board governance.

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Additional Resources

Data First from the Center for Public Education
The Data First project of NSBA's Center for Public Education helps school board members and others who care about quality public education evaluate their schools and make sound decisions.

NSBA's Conferences, Events & Meetings
NSBA provides enrichment, training and networking though its Annual Conference & Exposition and a host of other opportunities.

The National Affiliate program for school districts
The National Affiliate program, in partnership with the state school boards associations, provides a national advocacy connection, unique networking opportunities, a vast array of informational resources, and special savings for school board members across the nation.

The Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE)
NSBA's Council of Urban Boards of Education creates a forum for urban school board members to share innovative practices through issue seminars, conferences, legislative advocacy, research projects, professional networking opportunities, specialized publications, and local governance and policy assistance.

Becoming a Better Board Member
NSBA's best-selling guide to all aspects of school board service

Targeting Student Learning: The School Board's Role as Policymaker
A project of five state school boards associations, this publication with its accompanying CD helps educational leaders understand the role and process of policymaking, address the most critical policy topcis, assess existing policy, and focus policy on student learning.

What School Boards Need to Know: Data Conversations
This report is designed to provide board members with a common vocabulary around data, an explanation of the various types of data, a series of critical qusetions that should be asked in data conversations, and resources to assist in those conversations.

NSBA Code of Ethics for School Board Members
NSBA endorses this code of ethics for school board members. (In addition, many states and local districts have their own codes.)

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