Why School Boards?

Learn more about the history and importance of locally-elected school boards in the United States.

Additional Resources

Why School Boards?
Five reasons for local control of public education from NSBA.

How School Boards Foster Student Achivement
Resources on the role of school boards and characteristics of effective school boards from NSBA's Center for Public Education

School Boards and the Power of the Public
This essay by NSBA's Anne L. Bryant and Michael A. Resnick discusses how school boards engage the community and exemplify democracy in action in the U.S.

School Board Leadership from the California School Boards Association
The CSBA's brochure "School Board Leadership" provides answers to frequently asked questions about school boards and how they oversee schools on behalf of the public.

Frequently Asked Questions About School Boards
Local school boards (also known as boards of education, school committees, school directors, or trustees) are elected—or occasionally appointed—to be leaders and champions for public education in their states and communities. The most important responsibility of school boards is to work with their communities to improve student achievement in their local public schools.

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