Conferences & Events

To support NSBA's mission, the association provides several opportunities for professional development through its annual events, publications, and other services. The annual events provide training opportunities for school board members and members of their district staff, focusing on five key areas: leadership, advocacy, technology, urban school issues, and school law.

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Additional Resources

Calendar of Events
NSBA's calendar of events, conferences, and meetings.

Education Technology Site Visits
NSBA' Education Technology Programs has been hosting site visits to districts across the country for more than twenty years showcasingnovative technology implementation. These site visits give participants an unmatched opportunity to see how various technology solutions and strategies function for faculty, students, and the district as a whole.

CUBE Conferences & Meetings
Council of Urban Boards of Education hosts several conferences and an issues seminar throughout the year that focus on topics of interest to urban educators and school leaders.

COSA Seminars & Webinars on School Law
Council of School Attorneys education programs are given by and for the school law practitioner. Council seminars provide first rate continuing legal education (CLE).

Corporate Opportunities
Act now to build relationships with buyers around the country. The $307 billion education market waits for no one. And the market is growing, as elementary and secondary school enrollment passes 54 million. NSBA's constituents represent the majority of this enormous market and control the budgets that come with it.

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