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School Board Success Story: A Blueprint for School Board Success
Read in American School Board Journal about Connecticut's Berlin Board of Education developing a successful blueprint for their school board.

National School Boards Action Center
Learn more about the National School Boards Action Center, created by NSBA, an exciting new organization that will enable local school boards and the public to be more active in moving legislation forward and impacting federal regulations on behalf of America’s students. Join the “Friends of Public Education” campaign with others across the nation to become advocates for public schools and students.

10 Good Things About Public Education
Check out our list of the many successes in public education, with suggestions for ways to improve even more.

Congress: Don't Cut Education Funding
More than 700 local school boards have adopted resolutions showing their support for federal public education funding and avoiding sequestration.

School Board Success Story: Increasing Graduation Rates
Read in American School Board Journal the success story on Missoula County Public Schools Board of Trustees's goal of having 100% of its students finish high school.

Improving U.S. College Attainment
NSBA's Center for Public Education Review analysis "Getting Back to the Top: An International Comparison of College Attainment"shows that although the U.S. ranks near the top of the world in college degrees, it’s quickly losing ground.

High-level High School Courses and School Counseling Pays Off for College Success
Access NSBA's Center for Public Education's new report on college success through high school preparation, "High school rigor and good advice: Setting up students to succeed."

Searching for the Reality of Virtual Schools
The Center for Public Education examines the players and products emerging in virtual learning and wants the taxpayer to ask: are these programs producing better results for students?

What makes an effective principal?
Check out the Center for Public Education’s “The Principal Perspective" report reviewing the impact a principal actually has on a school and what qualities make an effective principal.

2012 Magna Awards Winners
View the 2012 American School Board Journal's Magna Awards winners recognizing school districts for outstanding programs that advance student learning and encourage community involvement in schools.

Is high school tough enough?
Check out NSBA’s Center for Public Education new report on high school rigor with practical recommendations for school boards and school leaders.

Center for Public Education Report: Time in School
NSBA's Center for Public Education recent report finds U.S. schools require at least as much or more instructional time as other high-performing countries.

Investing in Pre-K
Learn how the Pre-K Coalition is bringing together leading education groups to develop consensus on pre-K policy goals and raise the importance of early learning for our children.

Starting Out Right: Pre-K and Kindergarten
NSBA's Center for Public Education new report evaluating early childhood education approaches that have the greatest impact on student achievement.

NSBA on Education Nation
Watch NSBA’s President Mary Broderick on NBC News' Education Nation panel, “Going Local: What A City Can Do For Its Schools.”

School Boards Circa 2010: Governance in the Accountability Era
A report released by the NSBA, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, and the Iowa School Boards Foundation that gives new insights on America’s nearly 14,000 school boards.

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