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The Dos and Don’ts of DOMA: FAQs for school systems and employees on the United States Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage
October 2013 - "The Dos and Don’ts of DOMA: FAQs for school systems and employees on the United States Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage” reviews how employee benefits and plan and policy administration are affected by the ruling, including every policy and benefit that defines or refers to marriage or spouses in the application of a federal benefit. As U.S. school districts employ nearly 6.2 million individuals, the ruling has extensive reach.

Understanding the Common Core Standards: What they are, What they are not
October 2013 - Center for Public Education has gathered resources to help you understand what these new standards are— and aren’t— and what states are doing to ensure all students graduate college and career-ready.

Trends in Teacher Evaluation: How States are Measuring Teacher Performance
October 2013 - Center for Public Education's report titled “Trends in Teacher Evaluation: How States are Measuring Teacher Performance,” offers an overview of changes in teacher evaluation systems by state. The report also describes states’ use of evaluation data for personnel decisions and continuous improvement.

Teach the Teachers: Effective Professional Development in an Era of High-Stakes Accountability
September 2013 - Center for Public Education finds that despite decades of research, teacher professional development is not adequately helping teachers to develop their students’ critical thinking skills and subject matter knowledge so that they can be ready for college and the workplace.

Out of Sync: Many Common Core states have yet to define a Common Core-worthy diploma
June 2013 - Change the Equation and NSBA's Center for Public Education examine the connection between state graduation requirements and Common Core State Standards in math. The report, “Out of Sync: Many Common Core states have yet to define a Common Core-worthy diploma,” found that of the 45 states that have voluntarily adopted Common Core, only 11 have aligned their graduation requirements in mathematics with those standards.

Which Way Up: What Research Says about Turnaround Strategies
May 2013 - The Center for Public Education looks at the turnaround strategies for low-performing schools which are receiving attention from states and the federal government—including spending billions of dollars on those efforts. CPE's question: do these strategies work?

Addressing the Out-of-School Suspension Crisis: A Policy Guide for School Board Members
This report shows how school boards are creating discipline policies to avoid excessive out-of-school suspensions, which disproportionately affect minority students, that disrupt student learning and engagement.

"Legal Issues for School Districts Related to Education on Undocumented Children"
A joint publication by the National School Boards Association and the National Education Association.

Success Stories: the 2013 Magna Awards
The Magna Awards, sponsored since 1995 by American School Board Journal, recognize school districts that go the extra mile for their students.

School Boards Success = Public Schools Success
Yes, it is happening; read these case studies and success stories of school boards and public schools making a difference

10 Good Things About Public Education
Center of Public Education's Director Patte Barth identifies her personal Top 10 list of things public education is doing right and where we should go next.

School Safety & Crisis Management Resources
NSBA and State School Boards Associations resources on school safety

Harassment, Bullying and Free Expression: Guidelines for Free and Safe Public Schools
May 2012 - According to these guidelines, students should be able to attend public schools where they are free to share their views and engage in discussions about religious and political differences while simultaneously attending safe schools that prohibit discrimination, bullying, and harassment. These guidelines were organized by the American Jewish Committee and the Religious Freedom Education Project and endorsed by NSBA as part of a coalition of 17 organizations.

2013 NSBA Beliefs, Policies, and Resolutions
As amended April 12, 2013 by the NSBA Delegate Assembly in San Diego, California.

NSBA's Key Advocacy/Legislative Issues
NSBA's Key Advocacy/Legislative Issues: federal funding, school vouchers, charters schools, early childhood education, e-rate, Medicaid, more.

Amicus Briefs from NSBA
NSBA files more amicus briefs to the Supreme Court each year than all education associations combined.
Data First, an interactive web site created by NSBA's Center for Public Education, was created with the idea that data matters. Education data, used well, can help school board members and others who care about education to make good decisions – ones based, not on the loudest voices or the latest theories, but on the facts about what students need and how they are currently doing.

School Board Circa 2010: Governance in the Accountability Era
Released in February 2011 by the National School Boards Association (NSBA), the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, and the Iowa School Boards Foundation (ISBF) this report based on a national survey of more than 1,000 school leaders gives insights into the workings of America’s nearly 14,000 school boards.

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