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Leadership in legal advocacy for public schools is the mission of the NSBA Council of School Attorneys. Exceptional legal representation for public school districts over the long term reduces the impact of adverse legal decisions on the resources of this nation's schools.  Over 3,000 members strong, the Council was formed in 1967 to provide information and practical assistance to attorneys who represent public school districts.

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About COSA
The NSBA Council of School Attorneys (COSA) is an international network of attorneys representing K-12 public school districts.

NSBA’s Legal Advocacy Program for State School Boards Associations
NSBA advocates the school board perspective in the Supreme Court and in appellate courts across the country relying heavily on the policy positions developed by its representative Delegate Assembly. NSBA provides State Association members support for their corporate counsels and NSBA governance, networking and professional development for state association attorneys, support for state school attorneys’ councils affiliated with the NSBA Council of School Attorneys (COSA), and a broad range of legal information services.

COSA & NSBA Office of General Counsel Staff
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About COSA membership
Only through NSBA's Council of School Attorneys to you have exclusive access to resources tailored precisely to meet your needs as legal counsel for public schools.

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Membership in the Council brings many valuable benefits!

Membership Enrollment Form and Affiliate Membership Contact Information
Complete this form to enroll as a member of the National School Boards Association’s Council of School Attorneys. If you practice law in an affiliated state - the Council has an affiliate membership agreement with 37 state attorneys’ councils - you must first join your state council of school attorneys in order to become a member of the NSBA Council of School Attorneys. See second page for list and contact information for affiliated state councils.

State Council Membership Contacts
Find the membership contacts for our affiliated state councils.

Meet the COSA Board
2013-2014 Board of Directors Roster

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About School Lawyers
Excerpts from Selecting and Working with a School Attorney: A Guide for School Boards. Provides general information about the different facets of legal services to school boards, such as fee structures, the role of the school lawyer, and preventive law.

Council of School Attorneys Governance and Bylaws

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