Read about legal and practical issues related to local school board control and how school boards operate, including: school board ethics, open meetings laws, conflicts of interest, board roles and responsibilities, parliamentary procedure, policy and decision making, strategic planning, budgeting, complaint procedures, elections, committees, board minutes, board self-evaluation, and hearing procedures, as well as the election and appointment of board members and takeovers of school districts by states and mayors.

Additional Resources

IRS Proposed Rule for Shared Responsibility for Employers Regarding Health Coverage
The National School Boards Association (NSBA) offers the following comments to the proposed rule, Shared Responsibility for Employers Regarding Health Coverage, REG-138006-12, issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on January 2, 2013. NSBA appreciates the opportunity to share with the IRS: (1) the perhaps unanticipated impact certain provisions of the proposed rule may have as public school districts across the country wrestle with questions about which service hours of various categories of staff members are to be included in the full-time equivalent employee counts for “large employer” determinations; and (2) the need for clarification in some before the rule becomes final to minimize any adverse impact on the nation’s schools and students’ educational outcomes.

Policies Required By Federal Law 2011
9/2/2011 This chart lists federal statutes that require school districts to adopt written policies, procedures, or forms. Updated this year are requirements for school wellness policies and Internet safety policies.

COSA eDocs Store resources on governance
A collection of downloadable resources available individually for purchase from the NSBA Council of School Attorneys (COSA) for modest fees.

A question of representation: Diversity and 21st century school boards
This October 2008 issue of NSBA's Leadership Insider discusses demographic change and achievement gaps; minority representation on school boards; the impact of board diversity on student achievement; the Voting Rights Act and vote dilution lawsuits against at-large election systems; the case for at-large elections; and options for school districts. The collection of online resources accompanying this issue is here.

Center for Public Education's All in Favor
Resources compiled by NSBA's Center for Public Education on the importance of school boards, effective school governance, and school board elections. Includes the Center's own "All in Favor: Cast Your Vote for Student Success," a web resource and downloadable and printable brochure on the importance of school board elections and questions for voters to ask about candidates.

Selection of Local School Boards chart
Chart indicating how school board members are selected, how election dates are determined for elected boards, and when school board elections are held in each of the U.S. states and jurisdictions.

Hunn v. Loudoun County School Board
Loundoun County boundaries decisions

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