Become a BuyBoard® Member

Below you will find the necessary resources to help you save time and money by participating in BuyBoard.


Additional Resources

How to Sign Up for BuyBoard in Just Six Steps
Follow these steps to save your district money by signing up with the BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative.

BuyBoard Application
This document, Interlocal Participation Agreement, should be reviewed, signed, and faxed to 703-519-6497 to become a member in the BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative.

Sample Resolution
NSBA requires that school districts formally join the Cooperative in order to use BuyBoard for coopertative purchasing. The attached resolution is a sample that needs to be modified by each district. Its adoption by the Board of Education assures NSBA that the school district is compliant with local laws regarding cooperative purchasing. We want to be sure to keep you out trouble!

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