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The National School Boards Association has partnered with the Texas Association of School Boards, and other State Associations of School Boards to create a cooperative purchasing program that is available through State Associations across the country and that meets the competitive procurement requirements in most states.  We invite vendors who are interested in the possibility of selling your products or services to a nationwide network of school districts, municipalities, and other non-profit organizations to REGISTER on the BuyBoard®web site ( to receive RFP’s as they are issued.  Click on “Vendor Information,” then follow the instructions.

Here are a few FAQs that might be helpful:

How do I become a vendor on the BuyBoard?

Your company must first register to receive invitations to bid and be put on the BuyBoard Mailing List. Once you receive your proposal and respond with a bid, it is presented to the Board of Trustees for awarding. If your company is awarded, you will receive notification of becoming an official contracted BuyBoard vendor.


What is the BuyBoard Mailing List?

Companies that are not already BuyBoard vendors can be added to the BuyBoard Mailing List database. Whenever a new proposal becomes available within your commodity category, you will be sent a notification via e-mail and/or fax. There is no charge to be added to the BuyBoard mailing list.


How do I get put on the Mailing List?

Log on to and click on the link for "New Supplier/Vendor Registration" under the heading "New Users". You will be sent a confirmation e-mail after the information has been received. 


How much does it cost to add my company to the Mailing List?

There is no cost to be put on the BuyBoard Mailing List.


How will I be notified of upcoming bids after my company has been added to the Mailing List?

Whenever a new bid becomes available, you will be sent a notification via e-mail directing you to the Buyboard Vendor website, where you can download proposal information. The contract expiration schedule is available in the navigation bar.


Additional Resources

Introduction to BuyBoard
Do you have a customer who wants to purchase your product now? Would working through BuyBoard make that process easier? All you need to do is to help your customer sign up for BuyBoard. We have created a file that includes all of the essential pieces you need to know about helping them sign up for BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative. This portfolio contains FAQ's, BuyBoard in 6 Steps, an easy to use desk reference, sample resolution for school districts, and our most current BuyBoard ad.

Introduction to BuyBoard Single PDF
This alternate version, a single PDF, is the information contained in the Introduction to BuyBoard portfolio.

BuyBoard Vendor FAQ
Interested in getting on the BuyBoard mailing list to be notified of a request for proposal? Sign up at Vendors interested in learning more about the BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative may have their questions answered here.

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