Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) Steering Committee

A message from your CUBE Steering Committee Chair

CUBE is guided by a Steering Committee that works to improve the effectiveness of board members as policy makers in urban schools.  A list of CUBE's 2013-2014 Steering Committee members and contact information is available for your convenience.

This Steering Committee meets quarterly and is composed of 16 urban school board members from across the United States.  The President and the Executive Director of the National School Boards Association serve as ex officio members of the committee.

CUBE has a voting seat on the NSBA Board of Directors, which provides overall governance for the association.

CUBE Steering Committee members are elected by the CUBE membership to a three-year term, and the Steering Committee elects the CUBE Chair and Vice Chair.

The CUBE Chair appoints a Nominating Committee to oversee the compilation of a slate of nominees from CUBE members in good standing. In slating nominees, the CUBE nominating committee considers applicant's region, gender, and race for the purpose of balanced representation.

CUBE is currently accepting applications for those who wish to run from the floor for the 2014 Steering Committee!


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