Flexible Spending Benefits

Flexible Spending Benefits for Employees Through USBAflex

NSBA and the Utah School Boards Association have developed flexible spending administration as an Employee Benefit program called “United School Boards Associations flex,” or USBAflex

USBAflex is a flexible spending administration program designed to provide benefit services that allow employees to have pre-taxed dollars withheld from their pay to be used for medical and childcare expenses, under provisions of IRS regulations. 

  • Employees increase their take-home pay and save money because flexible spending funds for medical expenses and for childcare expenses are withheld as pre-tax dollars, thereby reducing the employee’s Federal income tax obligation and FICA (Social Security and Medicare withholding). 
  • School districts save money through USBAflex because the district saves on the employer’s share of FICA costs for each employee who participates.  The savings from FICA usually offset more than the fees that school districts pay for the service, fees that are offered at below market rates, based on benchmarking that USBA has done on flexible spending programs nationwide. 

In addition to low fees, USBAflex offers customer-friendly operations and easy online processing. Contact your state association to learn if USBAflex is available in your area.



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