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NSBA's Technology Leadership Network (TLN), founded in 1987, is the district networking program that offers a complete package of benefits and is an innovative way to bring the school board, administrators, and the district technology team together to glean the best practices from other districts and to make well-informed technology decisions.

Nearly 200 school districts, education agencies, and colleges of education benefit from this remarkable support system. Connect with trailblazers and acquire invaluable resources for using technology in schools. Get the latest information, ideas, and advice.

The Network fosters a team approach to technology decision-making. As one of the most respected and established networking programs in the field, it includes every level of the district's technology team: superintendent, educational technology and curriculum directors, principals, teachers, and school board members.

Whether your organization is on the cutting edge or just now beginning to explore technology options, you'll find the support you need. Participating in NSBA's Technology Leadership Network is the ideal way to get proven practical solutions to common challenges.

Building awareness by highlighting 6 companies each year that represent a broad sample of innovative solutions positively impacting the K-12 enterprise.
Submissions for the 2nd Annual Technology Innovation Showcase 2014 now open! 
Deadline Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

2014 SITE VISITS: Register now!
Vail School District, Vail, AZ
February 26 – 28, 2014
Minnetonka Public Schools, Minnetonka, MN
April 30 – May 2, 2014
Colorado Springs School District 11, Colorado Springs, CO
May 4 – 6, 2014

Making Progress: Rethinking State and School District Policies Concerning Mobile Technologies and Social Media.  

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED for the National School Boards Association's "20 to Watch" recognition program. For all those who submitted nominations we thank you for taking the time to recognize your colleagues for their accomplishments. Questions? please email Ann Flynn.

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